Maya Tool - Align primitive to surface

A tool that will help you create and align primitives to your pivot points position and orientation. Very useful for modelling. Guaranteed to speed up your workflow.

Release Notes

update version 1.06
-Tool tested and works in Maya 2019 - 2023
Fixed a bug where the pivot point was not set automatically to Object mode the moment you created a Primitive (previously it would work if you were already in object mode). .
Ctrl + Click on a Primitive icon will replace a selected object and orient itself the the selected object  (if selected object has been rotated and has frozen transforms use the Bake Pivot button).

update version 1.05

  • Added support for Maya 2022

update version 1.04

  • Updated UI added custom icons, new instructions and a PDF document.

update version 1.02

  • Fixed misalignment issues (v1.02)

Update version 1.01

  • New version supports text field to custom scale your primitives  (v1.01)
Standard Use License
License: Standard License
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One copy to be used by a single user.

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